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Ma Ta Marchhu Hola Timro Saath Bina

Just released on Youtube, a brand new song by singer Anju Panta is on digital market now - 'Ma Ta Marchhu Hola'. Uploaded by RGTONLINE from Utah, USA the music video is made by the THE RGT ONLINE team while actors on video are all new faces. The song 'Ma Ta Marchhu Hola' is written and composed by Ram Rai. Krihsna Rai has directed the music video.

#Video on Youtube

Music and lyrics are best part of the song along with singer Anju Panta's versatile vocal. However, video is just average since actors are amateur. Anyway, it is good to watch for once at least. Show your love and respect to Nepali music. Watch and enjoy. We expect few lines of comment as well. Cheers !!!

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