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Anju Panta Melodious Evening 2074

A milestone will be laid in Nepali music history on Saturday evening of September 9, 2017 (Bhadra 24, 2074) by versatile singer Anju Panta with the name 'Anju Panta Sumadhur Sandhya 2074' at Nepal Academy (नेपाल प्रज्ञा–प्रतिष्ठान), Kamaladi, Kathmandu. The first time in singer Anju Panta's life and most anticipated event by Nepali audience in their life time - a solo live performance is going to be happened finally that will be organized by Music Recordist Association Nepal.

#Video source : Youtube

There was a press meet yesterday at Sadhana Kala Kendra to announce about the huge upcoming event 'अन्जु पन्त सुमधुर सन्ध्या २०७४'. During press meet singer Anju Panta acknowledged that she doesn't have had any solo music album or live performance yet though there were many offers in hand. It was due to her busy schedule and other perspective. She said 'I am now over the moon. Finally it is going to happen'.

The profit from the event will be allot 50%-50% to educate helpless children through Anju Panta Foundation and fund organizer Music Recordist Association Nepal. Musician Suresh Kumar Chhetri and other participants praised the devotion of Anju Panta towards Nepali music industry.

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