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Full Name: Anju Panta
Date of Birth: 14 April 1982 (1 January 2039
Education: Elementry
Location: Hadigaun, Kathmandu (Nepal
Hobbies: Dancing, Playing Tabala
Dislikes: I don't like people who think that outer look is better than inner.
Aim: Just want to sing till my last breath
Albums: Gaatha, Kampan (Other collection Albums
Awards: Chhinnalata Award, Uttara badri Samman, Gold Medal from Radio Nepal, etc.
Inspiration: My Mom, Dad, my guru Krishna Man Dangol and My Fupu.
Favorite Food: Gundruk, Karela
Hangout Place: Nanglo, Banquet Club, Sister’s house.
Where would you like to go: Pokhara and Mauritius.
Concerts: Nepal, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Middle East, India and Japan
Music you listen to: Gazals, and songs of Aasha Bhosle
How would you define music: It’s me, my life, my love.
Favorite Nepali Artists: Narayan Gopal, Bhakta Raj Acharya, Gopal Yonjan
Favorite Non Nepali Artists: Aasha Bhosle, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Hari Haran
What do you look in a song: Good music and lyrics
Music industry in Nepal: It’s slowly growing, but it’s not so satisfying financially, but I still love it.
Situation of Nepal: Too much politics
About Internet: This is what we do now
Message to Nepalese abroad: Your Heart is Nepali. I believe you will always be Nepali and if you die in foreign land, I’m sure you’ll leave a blood line to represent Nepal.
Message to Fans: Love good music, love Nepal, think Positive, support Nepali Artists.

Source: Nepalisite dot com