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Everything you wanted to know about Anju Panta

Born in Terathum, but raised in Kathmandu, this singing lark's birthday falls on the 14th of April. Makes the most of her free time by giving her house a good spring clean and furnishing it, bringing in new furniture and throwing old ones out. She claims she is content in doing everything by herself.

Claims that she never gets time alone, but loves the company of her husband and her eight-year-old daughter. On days off, at home, she likes to play music real loud. 'We make so much noise, sometimes I'm scared the neighbors will complain', she laughs.

Though shy as a child, Anju claims she grew up to be a fun, happy-go-lucky person, especially after she immersed herself in the singing profession. 'It turned my life around, it made me happy', she reveals.

Enjoys music in different languages such as Newari and Tamil, and has special interest in the Tamang bhasa. She explains, 'This interest stems from the fact that my mother is a Tamang, some day I want to sing in that language as well'.

Her favorite childhood memory is sort of picturesque: 'I remember visiting Devatathan with my siblings and chasing after pigeons, I can't get that day out of my head'.

Asked how she met her husband, she laughs and explains he fell for her at a singing competition they were both a part of. 'He was after me for about 5 years, and then eventually I gave in', she laughs.

If she hadn't made it as a singer she would have become a teacher, 'I had a teacher back in school who had this funky hairstyle that I really liked. I always wanted to be like her', she remembers.

Sometimes wishes she could block out all the turmoil outside, the bandhs, strikes and violence, but realizes a good citizen has to stay aware and have a say in these issues.

Sees herself opening up a music school, company and studio in the future. 'These investments would be a boon to the music industry', she says.

- By Sabhyata Timsina

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