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Ankha Bhari Timi Timro

We have found a bit old music video uploaded recently on Youtube by it's director (we assume as Youtube user name and name of director for this video is same). The Nepali song 'Ankha Bhari Timro Yaad Matra Hunchha' from album 'UNAIKO LAGI' (उनैको लागी) could be found on Youtube with backdate of year 2012 by some user as we could not figure out who actually published this video first on Youtube. Anyway, Anju Panta singing the song it was written by Bijayalaxmi Dhakal (Madhavi) and music composed by veteran musician Shambhujeet Baskota. Thus, the song is melodious and romantic.

#Video on Youtube

Music video director Dilip Shrestha has posted this video to his channel on Youtube. 'Ankha Bhari Timro Yaad' video camera person is Bikram Shrestha. Main sasts on the video are actress Nandita KC and Dibyashwor. It should be like treasure hunt to find this video in a quite good quality than previous ones, the obvious credit goes to Dilip Shrestha. We believe our visitors will definitely like this song and video as well. How about sharing in your social profile and reply a comment below. Watch and enjoy. Love Nepali music.

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