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Kaha Chha Ra Jindagi Ko Bhara

Another sad romantic song 'Kaha Chha Ra Jindagi Ko Bhar Timi Bina' of Nepali movie 'Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu' has been released on Youtube by Sudarshan Thapa Production through Budha Subba's channel. The movie song has been featured '2 Ps' actress Pooja Sharma and actor Paul Shah. Written by Diggaj Dhaurali and music composed by well known Arjun Pokharel 'Kaha Chha Ra Jindagi Ko Bhar Timi Bina' is played back by Nepali versatile singer Anju Panta and Pramod Kharel. Though some bits of the song is similar to 'Kina Ajkal Timro Man Mailo Bho' this song is sad romantic in beautiful music and lyrics.

The video shows Paul carrying Pooja on his motorbike dropping her somewhere. Both of their expression is sad. So the song is played on background with some flashback scene showing Paul and Pooja growing old. Sanjay Lama's cinematography and Pritam Pandey's editing are superb. Paul and Pooja's act in the song are an average.

There is less than two weeks to be released movie 'Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu', we hope you will love to tune in this song till then. Love Nepali Music, Love Nepali Movie.

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