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Baimani Ko Mukh Ma Ram Ram Bagali Ma Chhura

This time this season versatile singer Anju Panta has recorded Nepali Lok pop song 'JATA TIRA BEAUTIFUL UTAI RANABHUL' (though Arjun ji claims the song as Teej song) with co-singer Arjun Khadka. The beauty song is written by Laxmi Sapkota and Sagar Birahi has composed the music for the song. Recorded at Maruni studio, Samita Digital Pvt. Ltd. has released the song and music video on Youtube. We have picked this video from singer Arjun Khadka's Youtube channel however.

Music video director Prem Thapa and producer Samita Sapkota have played the model role. Ra Media's post production, editor Sujan Shahi, cameraman Karan Chisir and choreographer Deepak Man Singh's collective efforts are recognizable. Both models are doing the best in terms of dance and acting. It's been almost two weeks since video released and views on Youtube is not satisfactory. Anyway, we present you the music and video here for your entertainment. Please watch and write your comment. Keep visiting this site regularly.

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