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Kasto Maya Laiyo Hajura

It was valentine day when this music video was released on Youtube by Music Nepal on its channel. It might be coincident that the release date is for lovers, two souls that the song was recorded by separated couple Anju Panta and Manoj Raj Siwakoti. Even the song lyrics and title express about broken love. Written by Govinda Prasad Upadhya and music composed by Hari Lamsal, the song 'Kasto Maya Laiyo Hajura' is sad love song. Fans and well wisher of Anju Pant will definitely love to tune in this song as lyrics and music are compelling.

A & DK Films has produced the video directed by Deepak Khand. Sudip Baral is on camera and director Deepak Khand himself has taken the scissor for editing the video. Shot on high definition the video quality is best and color correction so well defined. Watch, enjoy, share and comment.

#Video on Youtube via Music Nepal

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