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Tadha Chhu Ma Malai Tadhai Rahana Deu

Another heartbroken Nepali song by Anju Panta is on Youtube. 'Tadha Chhu Ma' is published by Songs Nepal on its channel beginning of this year. The most melodious modern song is written by Purna Limbu (Piyak), music composed by Pushpa Raj Baral and arranged by Sudip Sagar. Music video for this song is presented by A Yugal Pomo's Art casting actress Keki Adhikari, Pushpa Khadka and Gita Rai.

All aspect of video quality are as good as music and song. Director Yugal Pomo Limbu has done his best to make it appealing. Credit also goes to both camera person Arjun Tiwari and editor Nishan Ghimire as well. All team members deserve huge wow and thanks. Keki and Pushpa both have justified their role in the music video. Though views on Youtube is far less than an average video we strongly recommend to watch and leave your comment or feedback.

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#Video on Songs Nepal's Youtube Channel

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