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Gau Gharai Sunne Bho

Nepali Lok pop song 'Gaun Gharai Sunne Bho Timi Nahuda' by singer Anju Panta is now on Youtube but only lyrical version. An old Nepali music company Dhaulagiri Cassette Center has just post the video on its Youtube channel. We have no idea who wrote the song and composed. We also don't know why publisher Dhaulagiri Cassette doesn't bother to write the details about the song on video description. No Google search was also returned any relevant information. Is the song 'EH MAILE UMERAI JANE BHO' from any Nepali movie. We request our visitor and viewers to provide us with any information about this song if you have.

Anyway, song is loudable. Listen, watch and share. We look forward to hear your feedback. Lets communicate not to fall any gap between us ;)

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