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Herda Herdai Timro Tasbir Bolyo Ani Roye

# Photo: Paritoshika

'NAYAN' Nepali music album of lyricist Nayan Adhikari has been released with lyrics on Youtube by Budha Subba Digital. The new Nepali song 'HERDA HERDAI TIMRO TASBIR BOLYO ANI ROYE' with vocal of Anju Panta, today's most demanding musician Arjun Pokhrel has composed the song. Though uploaded on Youtube there is only animated version of music with lyrics. Song is yet another sadistic one and verse is however good. But music sounds little monotonous, so it may not be alluring to melodious taste admirers. Anyway, click the play button, let it be played until the end with full volume and leave your honest comment. Have a good time. Love Nepali music.

# Video source: Youtube

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