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Bahar Ma Ramaune Pyas Baki Chha Ajhai

Lyricist Gobinda Prasad Upadhaya has come up with his third Nepali music album 'SATYATA 3' comprising new Nepali song 'BAHAR MA RAMAUNE' sung by female singer Anju Panta. Musician Kusum Bhattarai has composed the music for the song 'Bahar Ma Ramaune' which is of Hindi Gazal flavor. Even few words in the song are from typical Hindi Gazals. That's why musician Kusum Bhattarai has added the flavor to support and justify song writer's feeling. Vibes Creation has uploaded the animated music video on its Youtube channel with few photographs of writer, singer and musicians along with lyrics.

It's been almost six months since the song was populated in social media and popularity and views are not so hopeful. However, the song is good for one time listening at least. We leave rest upon you listeners and viewers of the music and video and encourage you to write your feedback and comments either in this post or respective video feed. Enjoy and support Nepali music.

#Video on: Youtube

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