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Timilai Bhulna Maya Marna

Here is one of the romantic and love song of Anju Panta 'Timilai Bhulna Maya Marna Sansar Tyagi Janai Parchha... Ya Ta Timile Deko Bisha Aakhaa Chimli Khana Parchha... Ho Maya Dhate Mari Jaam, Bachunjel Linchhu Timrai Naam...' Music Nepal uploaded music video of this song last year on Youtube produced by Barahi Cassette. So far the video has attracted only 15 thousands of views on Youtube. Laxman Poudel of Barahi Cassette has directed the video and composed the song as well. Bikash Bikki Rana's lyrics is romantic. Models are Kajol Gurung and Madan Baral. Barahi Cassette also has released jukebox with 3 top songs of Anju Panta and uploaded to Youtube as well.

Here is the link for JUKEBOX » Anju Panta - Jukebox by Barahi Cassette

Watch, enjoy and do not forget to leave your feedback. If you share that would be awesome ;).

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