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Anju Panta - Jukebox by Kamana Digital


Kamana Digital has come up with jukebox of greatest hit numbers by Anju Panta. Music Nepal has uploaded the jukebox to its Youtube channel. There are total of 13 songs including 'Kina Timilai Ke Bhayo Ra Tadha Hudai Gayau, Phoola Jasto Manchhe Timi Kaadha Hudai Gayau...' Other songs included in the jukebox are:
» Kina Timlai Ke Bhayo Ra
» Ma Sanga Timile
» Maile Shital Chhaya
» Mutu Bhitra
» Risayeko Manchhelai
» Tan Ko Chot
» Timi Merai Hau
» Timi Sanga Bhet Bho Bhane
» Timile Mutu Tukra
» Timile Saath Chhode Pachhi
» Timile Bhulna Sake Pani
» Timro Maya Mutu Retna
» Upahar

The Nepali Songs JUKEBOX is of singer Anju Panta is one hour and 30 minutes long. You may tune in while you are driving or relaxing. Songs in the Jukebox are about love, romance and sentiments. We are unable to list names of lyricist and musician of above Nepali songs so we leave this task upon you dear music fans. We strongly suggest visitors and fan of Nepali music to subscribe Music Nepal's channel HERE. Keep visiting this blog and send us your feedback by any means of medium that suits your convenience. We truly like to hear and interact with you. Listen and enjoy ;)

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