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Harek Manis Ko Jindagi Kahi Na Kahi Dukheko Hunchha

New Nepali song 'Harek Manis Ko Jindagi Kahi Na Kahi Dukheko Hunchha' is brought to the market by music company The Devine Music. Vocal by Singer Anju Panta, song is in composition of recent popular musician Arjun Pokharel. RP Dahal has written the song 'Hareko Manis Ko Jindagi'. The Devine Music has posted the music video to its Youtube channel yesterday and so far it has 5 thousands of views. Under the direction of Bibhor Pokharel the video was captured by Anil K Manandhar and edited by Tekendra Shah. Young models due Paul Shah and Barsha Raut have modelled in the music video. Cinematography of video is above average and almost whole video is in edited in slow motion making the video like photo animation. Song itself is good and fit in Nepali modern song genre. Rest we leave to the viewers for your feedback. Watch, enjoy and comment.

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