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Golden Hits of Anju Panta

Music company Sagarmatha Digital has released 'GOLDEN HITS OF ANJU PANTA' and published via Youtube under Music Nepal's channel. There are 10 songs in total from sentimental to dancing number. The Jukebox has been labeled as volume 16. 'Golden Hits of Anju Panta' jukebox by Sagarmatha Digital includes songs from 'Sasnar Ka Sara' to 'Malai Man Paraunne Euta Manchhe Bheteki Chhu'. Superhit songs of melody queen Anju Panta included in jukebox are:

1. Sansar Ko Sara
2. Timro Dilma
3. Priya Timi Bina
4. Malai Man Paraune
5. Amrit Bhani
6. Aashu Di
7. Gham Joon Sangai
8. Jali Bhanna
9. Kati Sapana
10. Malai Bich Batoma

The jukebox is approximately 48 minutes long collection of fully entertaining Nepali songs by Anju Panta. You will love it, we assume. Just tune in and enjoy. Your lovely comment will be appreciated.
Keep loving Nepali songs and Nepali movies.

Youtube views now: 132,546

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