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An interview to Saroj KC in USA - Anju Panta

Radio host and DJ Saroj KC who is settled in USA is still hosting an AM radio show in Washington DC, USA with the name 'Radio Jindagi'. Recently he invited versatile singer Anju Panta who is also in USA for a month music tour to his radio program. Enepalese web portal also from USA had broadcast the entire interview LIVE to through its Facebook page then posted to Youtube.

Singer Anju Panta has replied to many quest of interests of her fans and well wisher through the episode. She talks from her present tour to USA to her upcoming solo musical night next month in Kathmandu to raise the fund for her charity organization Anju Panta Foundation. At the beginning of interview Saroj KC has repeatedly asked Anju Panta if she wants to apply Green Card referencing 'हरियो पत्र' and reside in US. But singer Anju politely denied the possibility of applying Green Card at present and leaving room for future saying 'who knows of what happens tomorrow'.

Middle of the interview you can hear some fabulous music of Anju Panta while you can hear offline chat between Saroj and Anju. Anyway, you have to have at least one spare time if you want to watch whole interview or you can skip songs. Enjoy !!!

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