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Anju Panta Jukebox 2

Here is another jukebox of the greatest hits of Anju Panta by Times Music. Music Nepal has uploaded this jukebox of singer Anju Panta on Youtube. Eight songs included in this jukebox are:
1. Maile Maya Garna
2. Satauchha Timro Yaad Le
3. Sakdina Ma Timro Yaad Ma
4. Katai Timile Birseu Ki
5. Kati Bhachi Herau Chura
6. Maya Karale Hudaina
7. Na Mitho Khaina
8. Parai Hunelai

You might not have heard any of above songs most likely. Unlike singer Anju Panta's most of the songs are sentimental included songs are mostly romantic. First song 'Maile Maya Garna' is female version of Deepak Limbu's original song. Fans of Anju Panta would definitely love this jukebox. However, during playback of the songs you have to watch upto 5 advertisement. I hope this will support the music company and music artists as well. Do not forget to comment, share and subscribe. Watch it enjoy it !!! Have a romantic moment ;)

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