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Gorkha Paltan - Nepali Movie Song

Nepali movie Gorkha Paltan is a story about a young Gurkha man who is in love passionately with his newly wed wife. But no sooner he exchanged vows of happy life together with his wife he has to join the army as a tradition and need, leaving his beloved wife behind his country. The Nepali movie not only tells the story of various ups and downs faced by the two lovers, 'Gorkha Paltan' is also a movie about the brave Gurkha soldiers. It brings out the feelings, love and patriotism towards the motherland. People's heart robbed by Prasant Tamag acting as a main lead is another highlight of the movie. There is no doubt that with his charm and natural acting skills, Prashant Tamang will re-enter peoples heart one more time.

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