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Dherai Lai Badda Napugla Maya

# Photo Source: onlinekhabar.com
Divine Music has produced a new Nepali song music video on title 'Dherai Lai Badda Maya Napugla' on Anju Panta's vocal. The same song in male vocal has been sung by Pramod Kharel from album 'Saugat'. Music on this song has been composed by Arjun Pokharel and lyrics by Shradha Adhikari. Famous music video director Prasanna has directed the video with Bidur Pandey on camera and Tekendra Shah edited the video. Models are Ek Sampang and popular and pretty Nepali movie actress Nandita KC. Budha Subba Music has obtained the copyright from Divine Music to upload this video on Youtube. We hope Anju Panta's audience won't be disappointed watching this music video. We like to hear comment and feedback on this video so message may reach to all concern team members from song itself to music video.

# Video source: Youtube

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