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Senior Comedian Madan Krishan Shrestha on TOUGH TALK

Senior Nepal Comedian appears in 'Tough Talk with Dilbhusan Pathak', one of the best talk show Nepali television program in Nepal broadcasted in News24 TV channel. Madan Krishna Shrestha is a Nepalese actor and comedian. Madan Krishna Shrestha is a member of comedy duo known as 'MAHA'. He is married with one son and one daughter. He tells, expresses, shares his life story to the world through 'Tough Talk' program presenter Dilbhusan Pathak. He talks about all his good and bad experiences of life, how himself and his wife had to pass through a tough decision and rough moments. His wife was diagnosed of cancer and himself had a major brain surgery. He tells of all the dilemma pre and post surgery of his scalp.

We though it would be interesting and worth to share our great comedian Madan Krishan Shrestha's interview with you. One of the commenter in youtube has says 'The legend of Nepal... So down to earth n so simple... Touched at times during this program... Good wishes for the good health.'

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