Timi Parai Hunu Pahile

Babai Music presents new Nepali song 'Haana Chhura Chhatima' (हान छुरा छातिमा) by singer Anju Panta. Bhadra Oli has written and composed the music for this song. Music Nepal has uploaded video on Youtube today. Arjun Tiwari is on camera and edited by Tekendra Shah. Music lyrics starts with phrase 'Timi Parai Hunu Pahile Malai Marnu Paros' (तिमी पराइ हुनु पहिले ईश्वर मलाइ मर्नु परोस, जसलाइ तिमी चाहन्छौ उसैले नै माया गरोस ), so the song is classic and sentimental. Music video Director Kumar KC's work is consequential. Produced by Manjushree Film, Kumar KC and Rashmi Tamang are acting in this music video. We hope you will like to watch. Have a happy moment.

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Juni Juni Harek Juni Merai Bana

The Devine Music presents' new Nepali modern pop song 'Juni Juni'
Album: Aahan Arko Khusi / Music: Arjun Pokhrel / Lyrics: Nripesh Upreti
Budha Subba Digital Pvt. Ltd. has released the music video of new song 'Juni Juni' by Anju Panta on Youtube today. The music video was shot in United Kingdom during singer Anju Panta's visit directed and edited by Kaushal Shrestha. Anju Panta herself has taken part of role as singer model along with local models Bidur and Sara. Singer Anju Panta's bold and beautiful appearance in outfit of Anjalai KC from London is as charming as her pleasant and comfort performance in the video where the scene were shot in public crowd. Now one should agree that Anju Panta is not only versatile singer but a beautiful model as well ;) Lyrics of love and romance by Nripesh Upreti 'Juni Juni Harek Juni Merai Bana' is composed so melodiously by musician Arjun Pokhrel, a name of vibrant musician in Nepal who can't go wrong with his music, a loud applaud to him. It is for sure the song and music video will spin Youtube meter high and reach to millions in short period. We wish all the best to entire team for success of this song and video - HURRAH !!! Enjoy watching dear visitors :)

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Anju Panta's 'Juni Juni' video shoot in UK

New Nepali song 'Juni Juni' of Anju Panta has been just completed the video shooting in UK recently during her tour in UK for charity programs. KK Movies Production is producing the music video with Nripesh Upreti's lyrics and music by Arjun Pokhrel. Singer Anju Panta's colourful dresses are designed by Nepali designer Anjali KC in UK. We may see Anju Panta acting for new Nepali song 'Juni Juni' in many different and vibrant colours of dresses in central London as well. Singer herself, few Nepali journalists and dress designer Anjali KC have shared their experience about making and shooting of this music video directed by Kaushal. Hope you will enjoy watching making of 'Juni Juni'. Please leave your comment and share with your friends. Happy watching :)

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Gorkha Paltan - Nepali Movie Song

Nepali movie Gorkha Paltan is a story about a young Gurkha man who is in love passionately with his newly wed wife. But no sooner he exchanged vows of happy life together with his wife he has to join the army as a tradition and need, leaving his beloved wife behind his country. The Nepali movie not only tells the story of various ups and downs faced by the two lovers, 'Gorkha Paltan' is also a movie about the brave Gurkha soldiers. It brings out the feelings, love and patriotism towards the motherland. People's heart robbed by Prasant Tamag acting as a main lead is another highlight of the movie. There is no doubt that with his charm and natural acting skills, Prashant Tamang will re-enter peoples heart one more time.

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Din Dhalera Ke Bhayo

After major earthquakes in Nepal there have been very few activities in Nepali music industry. However artists have now started to use their talent in skill whether for aftershock victims or regular music creation. Mero Kipa Production has produced new Nepali song 'Din Dhalera Ke Bhayo' on singer Anju Panta's vocal. Lyricist Ram Hari Aryal has written the song with famous musician Shakti Ballav's music. Unlike most of the songs by Anju Panta are sad and tragic songs 'Din Dhalera Ke Bhayo' is romantic one. The music video for song 'Din Dhalera Ke Bhayo' is directed by Nabin Kumar Shrestha as well as cameraman. Takendra Shah has edited the video. Beautiful model Anu Shah and Surendra Maharjan have played the roles of lovers in music video. Videography and editing have been beautifully done and melody queen of Nepal's voice is with no doubt awesome. We hope you will enjoy watching new Nepali music video at least for once ;) Cheers !!!

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Mero Maya Ta Jhuto Thiyena

Thuloparda has uploaded new Nepali song 'Mero Maya Ta Jhuto Thiyena' music video on Youtube. The song is presented by Opera Tunes on Anju Panta's vocal, music is by musician Mahesh Khadka and lyrics by Nagen Bhandari. Cameraperson for this music video shoot is Arjun Tiwari, and editor is Tekendra Shah. Netra Gurung has directed the music video with acting of artists Satyraj Chaulagain, Megha KC, Sunita Gaire and Ravi Bhattarai. 'Mero Maya Ta Jhuto Thiyena' music video was published online in December 2014 and views are not really significant though (to date 11,267 views). Musician Mahesh Khadka seems to have worked hard and Nagen Bhandari's words are also sounds interesting.

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